University of Essex: huge multi-site location now available.

The University of Essex in Colchester is a large modern campus set in over 200 acres of parkland, 50 miles from London, which encompasses a huge range of academic buildings, sports facilities and student accommodation, in a wide range of architectural styles, from sixties brutalist through to hi-tech and eco-modern.

The university provides a huge range of filming & photography opportunities. The campus is presented in our library as below:

The Campus
The central part of the campus has the feel of a new town, with four wide public squares including a post office, banks, restaurants, cafés and bars.
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Silberrad Student Centre
Newly-built student centre by one of the lakes, with a large open-plan reception area, IT learning hub, reading room and study spaces.
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Business Centre
Newly-built state-of-the-art timber-framed business school with a winter garden dome, circular lecture theatre, and a mock-up of a modern trading floor with Bloomberg terminals.
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Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall
Award-winning 1000-seat lecture hall.
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Student accommodation
Tower blocks and a small town of student apartments, with a network of paths and controllable roads.
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Student's union bar, "Blues" café, diner, cafeterias, disco etc.
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Teaching Centre & classrooms
Teaching centre and other classrooms.
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Sports facilities
...include sports halls, gymnasia, football and rugby pitches and tennis.
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Lecture theatre building
1960's architecture, with a range of large and small lecture theatres.
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The Octagon
Brutalist blank-canvas octagonal events space.
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Language school
...with sound booths, for the schooling of simultaneous translation.
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Luxury hotel
24-bed luxury hotel within the grounds of the University.
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Service tunnel
...running underneath the university buildings is a large and imposing service tunnel.
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Southend campus
The Southend campus, including modern classrooms, lecture theatres, and student accommodation.
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