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meet the team

...meet your location experts...
    Lorna Gatherer Ford
    Owner & CEO
    Lorna is our Barbarella. She worked previously in marketing and PR (including stints in Spain and the US), but now knows an awful lot about locations having also worked as a Location Manager and Stills Producer/Producer & Director. Lorna’s passions are cigars, champagne, new shoes and dancing like no one is watching. Her favourite film and TV show are Silver Linings Playbook and Breaking Bad.
    Lorna is based in London.
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 0182
  • Lorna Gatherer Ford
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20220317-Kell.jpg
    Kell Gatherer
    Owner & Chairman
    Kell is our founder and Doc Brown. He has worked for Location Works for 39 years(!) and is the proud father of our MD, but also describes himself as a full-time dogsbody and part-time scapegoat. Kell’s passion is cruciverbalism (which he assures us is not a weird cult). His favourite film and TV show are Porco Rosso and Firefly.
    Kell is based in Suffolk.
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 0181
  • Kell Gatherer
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Andy.jpg
    Andy Ross
    Senior Location Coordinator
    Andy is our Ace Ventura. He has great detective skills when it comes to hunting down the perfect location, he also speaks regularly to his two cats (he assures us they do talk back). Andy’s passions are food, travel and live music. His favourite TV shows are The League of Gentlemen, Psychoville and Inside No. 9.
    Andy is based in Bristol
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 0612
  • Andy Ross
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Virginia.jpg
    Virginia Perrault
    Senior Location Coordinator
    Virginia is our Indiana Jones. Before working at Location Works, Virginia spent many years working in the film and music industries as a curator. She doesn’t think it’s really possible to choose a favourite film, but if she had to it would be a Kubrick, and most likely The Shining. Her favourite TV shows are Ozark, Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects and Dexter. Her passions include cats, palms & cactuses, food and travelling.
    Virginia is based in India
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 7830
  • Virginia Perrault
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Kate2107.jpg
    Kate Cotruvo
    Senior Location Coordinator
    Kate is our Margot Tenenbaum. Before joining Location Works she worked as a producer and project manager for dance, film and theatre for over a decade. She has a B.A. in Film Production and an M.F.A. in Creative Producing. Kate’s passions are pole dancing, fermentation and learning new things. Her favourite film is Harold and Maude and her favourite TV show is Buffy. 
    Kate is based in Hastings
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 2867
  • Kate Cotruvo
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20240122-Michael.jpg
    Michael Slaughter
    Head of Managed Properties
    Michael came from a Facilities Management office background in the city, but saw the light years ago and joined the film industry, discovering that filmable staircases and corridors were far more glamorous. Michael's passions are watching football, adding to his vinyl record collection, going to gigs and spotting locations when watching films and TV shows. His favourite films are True Romance and A Bronx Tale.
    Michael is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 3150 3067
  • Michael Slaughter
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20231128-Tamsin.jpg
    Tamsin O'Hanlon
    Events Coordinator
    Tamsin is our Alice in Wonderland. Brought up in Capetown by the sea, she wandered the world and ended up in London's East End and looked after the Truman Brewery for many a year before joining Location Works. Favourite film: Out of Africa; favourite TV: Friends.
    Tamsin is based in London.
    t: +44 (0) 20 3376 2434
  • Tamsin O'Hanlon
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20231128-Christine.jpg
    Christine Anderson
    Location Coordinator
    Christine is our Marla Singer. She has worked in film, photography, legal stuff (she went legit), sales and many other amazing things. Christine’s passion is sweets (consumption of). Her favourite film and TV show are Avatar and... well she has a gold medal in channel flipping so any programme for about a minute at a time.
    Christine is based in Suffolk.
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 7461
  • Christine Anderson
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20240412-Thomas.jpg
    Thomas Hargrave
    Location Coordinator
    Thomas is our Bruce Almighty! His career in locations is starting with us at Location Works, after working for a law firm. With a passion for football and cricket, he is probably the most sporty member of our team. Thomas’s favourite TV show is Narcos and his top film choice is Django Unchained.
    Thomas is based in Suffolk
    t: +44 (0) 20 4548 4095
  • Thomas Hargrave
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20211101-Laura.jpg
    Laura Monk
    Location Coordinator and Community Manager
    Laura is our Buffy. She has a background in theatre and the arts, loves making her own films, going on shoots, organising exhibitions, and being a DJ! Her favourite film is The Grand Budapest Hotel, and favourite TV includes Succession and The Handmaid's Tale.
    Laura is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 9891
  • Laura Monk
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20211101-Maria.jpg
    Maria F Almanzar Dihmes
    Location Coordinator
    María is our Amélie. She has worked as an IP lawyer in her home country (Dominican Republic), and in hospitality ever since coming to Europe. She has an LLB in Law and International Business, and an MA in International Hospitality Management. María's passions are cinematography, flying and static trapeze, and artisanal handicrafts. Her favourite film is Cinema Paradiso and her favourite TV show is The Office (US and UK!).
    Maria is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 4548 4094
  • Maria F Almanzar Dihmes
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20220304-Emily.jpg
    Emily Kelly
    Location Coordinator
    Emily is our Ripley from Alien. Before Location Works, she studied Film & TV, and worked in graphic design for a sustainable fashion company. Her favourite film is The Shining and favourite TV: What we do in the Shadows.
    Emily is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 4548 4817
  • Emily Kelly
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20220627-Michael.jpg
    Michael Attwood
    Location Coordinator
    Michael is our Agent Dale Cooper (from Twin Peaks). His passions are travelling and exploring, and is now looking forward to exploring the LW library! Favourite film: Nothing to Lose; favourite TV: The Handmaid's Tale.
    Michael is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 9892
  • Michael Attwood
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20220627-Theo.jpg
    Theo Stevens
    Location Coordinator
    Theo is our Vincent Hanna. He has a background in fashion and marketing. His passions include any sport (particularly football, cricket, and golf), film, and tv. Theo likes to wind down by hanging out with his mates (usually in a pub!). His favourite films include: Heat, and Memories of Murder; favourite tv shows: Succession / The Sopranos.
    Theo is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 4548 4093
  • Theo Stevens
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Sharon8395.jpg
    Sharon Pollintine
    Acquisitions Officer
    Sharon is our very talented Acquisitions Support Officer and with so many wonderful locations wanting to be part of the library she is a busy lady! With a background in hospitality and wedding planning she knows a good location when she sees one, although the film industry is somewhat less demanding! With a passion for boots (the footwear not the shop) and a love of Joanna Lumley she could well become our resident Patsy... just need to find an Eddie now!
    Sharon is based in Suffolk
    t: +44 (0) 20 3150 0231
  • Sharon Pollintine
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20211106-Daniel.jpg
    Daniel Feldman
    Social Media Officer
    Daniel Feldman is our Neville Longbottom; he's a film graduate with a background in production. His favourite film is Paddington 2, and favourite TV includes Succession & The Mighty Boosh. His passion is playing the flugelhorn.
    Daniel is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 6668
  • Daniel Feldman
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Phillip3559.jpg
    Philip Raymond
    Location Photographer
    Philip started as an actor but when the lure of the footlights faded he made his hobby - photography - into his new career, and has never looked back. Shooting for interior magazines and some of London's top designers gives him the opportunity to nose around other people's homes which he seems to really enjoy! His favourite TV shows are Absolutely Fabulous, Schitts Creek and Parks & Recreation.
    Philip is based in London
    t: +44 (0) 20 3195 0864
  • Philip Raymond
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Catherine2707.jpg
    Catherine Myers
    Location Scout and Production Services
    Catherine is our Sydney Fox for Location Scouting. She started many years ago in stills production & location management for fashion shoots. Scouting work has been varied from the beaches of Belize to the snow slopes of the Alps via derelict warehouses & the streets of London. Moved into TV & Film when first working with us at the end of the last century. Her favourite film is the King of Comedy and her favourite TV shows are Whickers World & the West Wing.
    Catherine is based in London
  • Catherine Myers
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/20240412-Ellie.jpg
    Ellie Hawker
    Location Scout and Production Services
    Ellie is our Princess Leia. She started with Location Works as a trainee in 2007 after completing a BA in Cinema, Photography and Television at Leeds University. She left to move to Australia, where she worked as an Assistant Location Manager until the lure of Location Works drew her back in 2017. Her favourite film of all time is Stand By Me, but more recently it’s Little Women. Her passions include her friends; her family; her dog; calling a spade a spade; maps and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
    Ellie is based in Northampton
  • Ellie Hawker
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/Henry.jpg
    Henry Helliwell
    Systems Administrator
    Henry Helliwell is our Alan Smithee. He has worked as a Special Agent, Cryptanalyst and Kindergarten Teacher. Henry’s passions are stealth and secrecy. His favourite film and TV shows are The Invisible Man and The Scarlet Pimpernel.
    Henry is based somewhere.
  • Henry Helliwell
  • /team/teamimages/mainpic/The.jpg
    The newbie
    Could this be you?
    We currently have a vacancy for a Financial Controller...see www.locationworks.com/jobs.
    ...is probably in London.
  • The newbie

Locations for filming, photography and events: contact us on 0800 334 5505 or email for further details.