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The Location Works Library has grown since the formation of the company, and is the result of the thousands of location searches we have undertaken on behalf of our clients. Our library is huge, and if you don't find what you are after here get in touch and we'll see what we have on file.

It has taken us many person-years to create and maintain our library, and it is in continual development - click here to see the latest additions. We do try to keep our charges down, but we are a commercial organisation, and have rent to pay!

  • It is free to have a browse through the library - and usually we can put together private collections of locations for you at no charge.
    We understand the location-finding business - often it can be just as useful to find nothing at all! At least it helps to know the scale of the problem.

  • £300 is our library charge for the successful use of a location found in our library. Usually that's it, however other charges might be:

  • + the facility fee. This varies according to the type of location, expected usage, etc. It's very difficult to give guidelines except in specific cases, however we will negotiate the best fee on your behalf. Please give us a ring at the budgeting stage: we will be able to give you advice on expected costs and suggest ways of saving money.

  • + Insurance. Public Liability Insurance is required at all locations. If you don't have it already, or additional cover is required, we can organise it for you.

  • + extras. There are no hidden extras! If there any extra charges we'll let you know in advance: possibilities might be couriers, international telephone calls or other research costs.
And remember: what the library can't find for you, our scouts and location managers can.

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