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urban landscape >>

Roof-tops, cityscapes, city landmarks, ceremonial, monumental, high streets, shopping streets, residential streets, public parks and gardens, urban riverside, piazzas, alleys, wasteland.

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domestic >>

Town houses, flats and apartments, lofts and conversions, modern houses, community housing, smaller & terraced housing, domestic gardens, country homes & cottages, farms barns and agricultural buildings.

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interiors >>

Entrance halls, corridors, stairs, ballrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, cellars, conservatories and domestic swimming pools.

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castles, stately homes, heritage >>

Mansions, manors, palaces, stately homes, formal gardens, landscaped gardens, parkland, gatehouses, follies, fountains, curiosities, derelict buildings and ruins.

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public buildings >>

Hospitals, galleries, studios, recording studios, exhibition halls, conference centres, church halls, community halls, churches, cemeteries, town halls, Guild halls, institutions, concert halls, libraries, museums, public services: police stations, prisons, judiciary.

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entertainment, food drink & accommodation >>

Shops, malls and markets, cafés, restaurants, wine bars, pubs, hotels, night-clubs, hotels, cinemas and theatres, dance halls, fairgrounds and amusement arcades.

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education & sport >>

Schools, further education, indoor sports, outdoor sports, public swimming pools, racecourses & equestrian, stadia, racetracks and watersports.

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industry & commerce >>

Warehouses, light industry, heavy industry, industrial heritage, waterworks & reservoirs, offices, home offices and film & photographic studios.

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transport >>

Railways, car parks & garages, main roads, motorways, country roads, bridges, test tracks, motor racing, aeronautical.

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the great outdoors >>

Panoramas, landscapes, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, boating, canals, coastline, villages & village greens, county towns, quarries, caves, industrial landscapes and agricultural landscapes.

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