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Reference 48827
South east London
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Former police station, now run as a gallery & arts centre, with an atmospheric interior and containing original police cells. South east London.

Reference 3358
106 miles (171km) from London
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Disused courtrooms and prison cells, Bristol.

Reference 47072
Central London
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Reserve Army centre with a large galleried hall, sergeants mess, meetings rooms and small library. Central London. (updated listing 2016)

Reference 45835
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Original convict labour prison in 6 acres of grounds with razor wire surrounding the high perimeter walls. The prison has all original features: cells with slopping out areas; a large exercise yard; corridors; a full hospital block; a segregation block; industrial wash rooms and shower rooms, and a registration office. Aberdeenshire. (new location 2017)

Reference 48852
82 miles (132km) from London
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Crown Court, no longer in use, dating from the late 18thC, including grand entrance hall, two court-rooms, meeting rooms, cells and function rooms. Warwickshire.

Reference 42175
61 miles (98km) from London
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19thC prison, now empty, Kent. (new location 2017)

Reference 45620
North London
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Reserve Army centre, north London. (new location 2016)

Reference 48899
82 miles (132km) from London
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A unique survival of the Cold War: this (formerly) top secret military establishment on private land on the Suffolk coast is partly occupied by a radio transmission facility, but is mostly empty and surrounded by barbed wire fences and bleak heathland.

Reference 45676
West London
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Reserve Army centre, west London, including large hall, lecture rooms, club bar and dormitories. (new location 2016)

Reference 45306
North west London
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Large army facility including hall, meeting rooms, locker rooms, bar, commercial kitchen and playing field. Large unit base. North west London. (new location 2016)

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