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25 miles (40km) from London
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Two british fire trenches and a communication trench with dugout. A range of props including uniforms and weapons can be arranged. Surrey.

Reference 9090
50 miles (81km) from London
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Former Cold War nuclear missile site of more than 70 acres including cruise missile silos with blast doors, high security fencing and perimeter check-points. Berkshire.

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24 miles (39km) from London
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A Wild West Town in Kent! Magnificently recreated cowboy town complete with saloon, marshall's office (including jail), general store, hotel and many outbuildings.

Reference 31547
28 miles (45km) from London
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Council chamber, Berkshire.

Reference 40414
51 miles (82km) from London
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Former nuclear biological and chemical decontamination suite. Mostly working and intact. The control panel which monitors each stage of the decontamination process; unlocking doors, detecting hazards and the intercom are still in working order. Berkshire

map > all areas > South of England > Berkshire :: Kent :: Surrey
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