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Reference 31846
Surrey inside M25
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Town hall containing a Crown Court (modelled on the Old Bailey), with prison cells. Surrey inside M25.

Reference 47936
109 miles (175km) from London
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Splendid preserved victorian courthouse and gaol, Nottinghamshire.

Reference 48852
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Crown Court, no longer in use, dating from the late 18thC, including grand entrance hall, two court-rooms, meeting rooms, cells, a dungeon, and function rooms. Warwickshire.

Reference 40189
18 miles (29km) from London
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Modern courtroom in a university, Hertfordshire. (new location 2020)

Reference 31302
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Edwardian Courts and holding cells with Oak furnished courts and spartan passages and holding cells. Yorkshire.

Reference 46893
120 miles (193km) from London
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Period session courthouse with a cell. The courtroom includes a witness box, dock, public area and galleries. There are stone staircases and georgian windows. Lincolnshire.

Reference 5099
124 miles (200km) from London
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Preserved georgian magistrate's court, Norfolk.

Reference 3358
106 miles (171km) from London
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Disused courtrooms and prison cells, Bristol.

Reference 41866
229 miles (369km) from London
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Former art deco magistrates court, now empty. Merseyside. (new location 2020)

Reference 6200
Central London
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Imposing Art Deco institutional building, with many halls and meeting rooms, linked by marble stairs and corridors, central London.

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