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collections: Converted churches

Reference 3804
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Privately-owned church and graveyard, in the grounds of a country estate, Oxfordshire.

Reference 40625
61 miles (98km) from London
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Grade II listed victorian church and war memorial in a rural setting, Hampshire.

Reference 41358
28 miles (45km) from London
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18th-century lakeside mansion house Hotel, with spectacular cloisters, grand hall and courtyard and clocktower. Surrey. (new location 2022)

Reference 41265
17 miles (27km) from London
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Ancient church, Surrey.

Reference 49065
35 miles (56km) from London
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Historic 12thC castle, including keep and curtain wall. Surrey. (updated listing 2022)

Reference 42397
48 miles (77km) from London
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Film friendly 13th-century church in a quiet and rural setting, parking available. Berkshire. (new location 2022)

Reference 40869
70 miles (113km) from London
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Very large 19thC college site including large chapel, dormitory buildings, a magnificent victorian library, classrooms and football pitches. East Sussex.

Reference 43201
59 miles (95km) from London
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12th century drovers church. West Sussex. (new location 2022)

Reference 47551
21 miles (34km) from London
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A military church with a very distinctive German neo-gothic style: bedecked with memorials including the Crimea and Africa Wars, WW1 and others. Berkshire.

Reference 49257
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Large church, dating from Saxon times with Victorian additions, and large graveyard. Surrey.

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