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Reference 1186
Central London
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Large photographic studio, vast spaces, funky corridor, and pink room. Central London. (updated listing 2021)

Reference 41508
Central London
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Modern office building with large storage/warehouse on ground floor; modern staircase & lift to upper floors; the first floor has a large open woodwork space with 5 cubicles. Floors 2 and 3 have small offices, a kitchenette, toilets and a shower room. Central London. (new location 2021)

Reference 41744
North west London
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Empty warehouse suitable as build space,12,000 sq ft; height 4m (13ft) rising to 7.5m (24ft) at the apex. North west London. (new location 2021)

Reference 41420
209 miles (336km) from London
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Empty 28,000 sqm warehouse, with large outdoor space. Manchester. (new location 2021)

Reference 41780
15 miles (24km) from London
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Empty warehouse suitable as build space. Totalling over 34,700 sqft, The unit benefits from a level access loading door to the front of the unit and office accommodation at first floor. Height 5m (16ft) at apex. West London. (new location 2021)

Reference 47853
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Emergency service training centre with a full scale Accident and Emergency Department, an indoor village street scene, fire engines, ambulances and fast response cars. There is also a full size train, and various training rooms. Cheshire.

Reference 41733
8 miles (13km) from London
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Large empty warehouse, 4,400 sqm - 6m height to eaves - including two floors of offices and large car park. Long hire only. North west London. (new location 2021)

Reference 41788
South west London
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Empty warehouse suitable as build space. Totalling over 39,000 sqft The unit benefits from 2 level access loading doors, two story office accommodation and 46 parking spaces. 6m (18ft) eave height. South West London (new location 2021)

Reference 48015
19 miles (31km) from London
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Hangars with a selection of planes which include Spitfires and Hurricanes. The hangars can be hired with or without the planes stored inside. There is also a runway and wasteland surroundings. Essex.

Reference 47125
South east London
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Former polytechnic building, currently empty, with corridors, laboratories and hospital set. 185,000 sq ft. South east London.

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