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Reference 111
South east London
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Large school including traditional school hall, lecture theatre, modern block with an atrium, 350-seat theatre, indoor sports including a swimming pool, and extensive outdoor sports facilities including tennis courts, football fields and a running track. South east London.

Reference 5645
South East London
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Covered riverside shopping centre with bars, shops, restaurants, and craft stalls, SE London.

Reference 40230
2 miles (3km) from London
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Events space with a bar. Central London

Reference 34064
East London
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Modern hotel with spectacular lobby, and meeting rooms overlooking the river. East London.

Reference 41561
West London
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Hotel and conference centre, west London. (new location 2021)

Reference 37476
Central London
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Film friendly central London museum in a neo-gothic style, with Romanesque arches and clean contemporary spaces. The large central hall has an intricate hand-painted ceiling, mosaic floor and houses a 26m replica Diplodocus skeleton.

Reference 4611
43 miles (69km) from London
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The Southend campus of the University of Essex.

Reference 34045
31 miles (50km) from London
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Superb ultra-modern hotel, Hampshire.

Reference 48331
54 miles (87km) from London
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College campus, which has many training areas including a fuselage, large training kitchens, hairdressing and beauty salon, conference rooms and training rooms. East Sussex.

Reference 37328
Central London
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5-star hotel with unique rooms, restaurant, bar, terrace and meeting areas, Central London.

see also: offices

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