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Reference 70
West London
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Victorian water pumping station with enormous working steam engines, west London.

Reference 45417
76 miles (122km) from London
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Busy packing warehouse, Wiltshire.

Reference 47111
East London
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TA centre featuring a drive-in 4,840 sq ft hall and warehouse/garages. A separate garage workshop is equipped with hydraulic vehicle lifts, and there is a large gym, classrooms and secure unit base. North London.

Reference 47337
South east London
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Costumier showroom in with an array of hand-crafted costumes and props. South east London.

Reference 47791
24 miles (39km) from London
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10,000 acres of farmland: with livestock, machinery and vehicles, barns, tractor sheds and workshops. Surrey.

Reference 46079
Central London
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Secure car park. Central London. Weekends only.

Reference 39102
455 miles (732km) from London
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Redundant sugar silo, 60m high, in an industrial landscape. Fife, Scotland.

Reference 8922
170 miles (274km) from London
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Cement works, south Wales.

Reference 8998
174 miles (280km) from London
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Colliery, south Wales.

Reference 45391
South east London
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TA hall with main hall, meeting rooms, bars and shooting range. South east London.

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