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Reference 38772
Central London
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Large central London conference and event venue with numerous meeting rooms and presentation areas.

Reference 4845
South West London
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Exhibition and event halls and conference centre in central London.

Reference 9432
North London
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Grand exhibition hall in north London, with a palm court and large exhibition spaces.

Reference 32863
East London
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Large hi-tech venue in central London over four floors, including spectacular open space, corridors and vaults.

Reference 38856
South west London
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Magnificent preserved victorian theatre with original backdrops, changing rooms etc. London SW.

Reference 39110
North west London
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Major exhibition and conference centre, with a large modern entrance (doubles as an airport), very large events hall, and numerous cafes, bars, corridors and office. London NW.

Reference 41214
South east London
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Very large new event space, south east London. (new location 2020)

Reference 1124
Central London
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Spectacular conversion of a classic thirties art-deco cinema into an event and concert space. East London.

Reference 41561
West London
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Hotel and conference centre, west London. (new location 2021)

Reference 7308
Central London
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Multi-site entertainment & conference venue, central London.

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