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Reference 45705
Central London
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Large empty office in process of refurbishment, central London. (updated images 2016)

Reference 45431
101 miles (163km) from London
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Superb derelict warehouse, Birmingham. (new location 2015)

Reference 48644
East London
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Waterside warehouse, with lighting rig, white/blackout facilities and parking. East London.

Reference 45359
36 miles (58km) from London
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Derelict mansion in extensive grounds, Essex. (new location 2015)

Reference 45503
South west London
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Large victorian red brick terraced house in Fulham. (Note: the property is totally empty.) South west London. (new location 2015)

Reference 3808
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13thC moated castle, privately owned, containing more than 60 rooms, mostly empty, in a mix of shabby-chic, faded grandeur and semi-dereliction; surrounded by a large estate. Oxfordshire.

Reference 9432
North London
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Grand exhibition hall in north London, with a palm court and large exhibition spaces.

Reference 47202
South east London
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A derelict victorian house, with exposed wood work, textural walls and open fireplaces. South East London. (updated images 2015)

Reference 45996
South east London
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Empty art gallery, south east London. (new location 2015)

Reference 47228
South east London
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Derelict victorian house, with exposed woodwork, textural walls and open fire places. South East London.

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