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Reference 47870
North west London
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L shape studio, with props. North west London.

Reference 40463
Central London
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Loft photographic studio with a richly textured interior featuring bare bricks and metal beams, with a props store and various colorama. Central London. (new location 2019)

Reference 9904
4 miles (6km) from London
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A photographic studio and location set on the entire top floor of a former victorian school in central London. (new location 2019)

Reference 45191
East London
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Purpose built sound stage and rehearsal space: L-35m x W-25m x H-15m, with 9m running track (100 ton capacity). There is also a dance studio and recording studio. The location has a catering area, production offices, wardrobe space, make up and green room. East London. (new location 2019)

Reference 30077
19 miles (31km) from London
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Amazing car storage warehouse with a goods lift, an events space on the empty fourth floor, and two drive-in studio spaces. Hertfordshire (just outside M25). (new location 2019)

Reference 45308
South west London
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White and bright studio space with modern kitchen, pool table and gallery. South west London.

Reference 47798
West London
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Hospital set in a film studio, west London.

Reference 46268
45 miles (72km) from London
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Large black-out film studio - 32,000 sqft - with production offices and large backlot. Hampshire.

Reference 42832
East London
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Photographic studio with cyclorama, east London. (new location 2019)

Reference 48090
East London
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Superb large converted garage with lots of natural light, run as a photographic studio and event space; distressed interior propped with eclectic and quirky furniture; vehicular access available. East London. (updated listing 2019)

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