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Reference 30311
88 miles (142km) from London
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Former RAF/USAF air base with runways, hangars, weapons stores, bunkers and watch tower. Suffolk.

Reference 48015
19 miles (31km) from London
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Hangars with a selection of planes which include Spitfires and Hurricanes. The hangars can be hired with or without the planes stored inside. There is also a runway and wasteland surroundings. Essex.

Reference 41002
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Private jet, Berkshire. (new location 2020)

Reference 45598
172 miles (277km) from London
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1960's Bristol Britannia aircraft under restoration. Liverpool.

Reference 31776
20 miles (32km) from London
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Vickers VC-10 converted into a luxury private plane for the Sultan of Oman, now a permanent exhibition at an air museum, Surrey.

Reference 42199
243 miles (391km) from London
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Airfield within 563 acres, with control tower, hangars and office space. North Wales.

Reference 49235
18 miles (29km) from London
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Challenger private jet (currently in Berkshire, but transportable). (updated listing 2019)

Reference 40477
18 miles (29km) from London
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An assortment of hangars, outbuildings and huge unit bases. Berkshire. (new location 2019)

Reference 45049
56 miles (90km) from London
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An assortment of large airfield hangars. Oxfordshire.

Reference 41983
West London
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University campus, including a library, mock courtroom, radio studio, flight simulator, theatres and dance studio. West London. (new location 2020)

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